Stock Control

Stock Control

Specifications setting:
  • Warehouse and shelf management. Multi-warehouse available, and each warehouse can has multiple shelves. Which will help you organize better.
  • Supplier management. Which supports supplier recording so that you can inquiry and compare the prices from different suppliers easily.
  • Department management. Record the stock information of each department.
  • Client management.
  • Unit setting. We suggest that each product should has a main unit.
  • User setting. Username, password and authority settings.
  • Other settings. For example, if negative stock is permit, item available date and etc.
Stock management:
  • Add, modify and delete categories.
  • Add, modify and delete items.
  • Upload item templates, add new shelves and items and initialize stock.
  • Download templates.
  • Check the item and its current stock under related categories. Checking reference prices and latest prices are also available.


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