The Unlimitech POS systems Membership function supports:

Company Management:
  • Setting the basic company information.
  • Authority management. Setting the user groups and related authorities.
  • Staff management. Setting the staff information and related authorities.
  • Branches management. Setting up branches and the director.
Membership management:
  • Level setting. Different member levels corresponding to different register fee and points collecting rules.
  • Setting up register rules.
  • Top up rules.
  • Discount. Setting the corresponding discount and the expire date for each member level.
  • Points collecting. Setting the rule for the points collected, for example, cash refund or use as bonus.
  • Card refund rules.
Printer setting:
  • Support printing receipts directly from browser page.
  • Different modules of deposit card receipt available and support customized receipt.
Deposit card operations:
  • Register, top up, change or refund card, report loss, password retake, transfer, cash withdraw and etc.
Membership card management:
  • Edit member information, card password and points, etc.
Inquiry and Statistics:
  • Deposit card billing and top up details, member information and expire date inquiry,  member loss inquiry, branches analysis, staff information inquiry and etc.


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