Foods & Services

Foods & Services

Unlimitech POS systems can be used in different kinds of stores including food, services & retail.
  • Resturants.
  • Café, tea house.
  • Sushi, buffet.
  • Bar, barbecue.
  • Hair salon.
  • Beauty salon and barber shop.
Condiments and Cooking Methods:
  • Unlimitech POS systems offer up to 500 kinds of condiments and cooking methods.
Categories and Meal:
  • Fixed meal.
  • Alternative meal. For example, choose one drink from cola, fanta or orange juice.
  • Support changing items in meal.
Table Status:


  • Opened, emptied, sent to kitchen or printed.
  • Time of opening, number of guests, and minimum consumption.
  • Service fee, etc.
Table Operations:
  • Open table, combine bills, separate bills.


  • Different payments available: Cash, bank card, coupon, voucher, staff discount.
  • Different currency available: Euro, Pound, Dollars, Yuan, etc.
Services Fee:
  • Corkage
  • Services fee can be charged by fixed fee or percentage of the bill.
  • Other kinds of service charge can be set.
  • Whole bill discount or certain item discount, staff discount.
  • Discount can be set according to the total bill or fixed fee.
Staff Management:


  • Various staff authority available: Store manager, manager, cashier, finance, waiter.
  • Customized staff authority available.
  • Main operations can be automatically recorded.
  • Login with password or staff card available.
Staff Training:
  • Public training account.
  • Video and text training available.
Kitchen Printing:
  • Printing according to kitchen tasks.
  • Supports whole order per check, one dish per check, and a combination of both.
  • Print format and content can be modified.
  • Compatibility: USB, Ethernet and serial port.
Cashier Printing:
  • Setting welcome slogan, address and telephone number.
  • Supports 58mm and 80mm receipt size printers.
  • Supports dot matrix printer and thermal printer.
Opening Hours:
  • Customized opening hours available.
Eat-in or Takeaway:
  • Supports eat-in or takeaway.
System Security:
  • One click back-up.
  • Back-up can be imported to other computers or in network disk.





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